Joseph Töreki

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Joseph Töreki is a multidisciplinary artist from Germany with an enormous fascination for craftsmanship, technology and nature. After his vocational training as a graphic designer and working in an agency for many years, he started to teach himself metal and woodworking skills, followed by ceramics and 3D.

One of his concerns is to translate and reinforce the aesthetics, mindset and morals of physical craftsmanship into the digital. Because nature is one of his greatest sources of inspiration, it is also about educating and drawing attention to it. Töreki is fascinated by different materials, which he applies to his work to make them look unnaturally natural, and he combines both digital and physical aspects of the medium.

His works exhibit all the hallmarks of real objects and you’d be forgiven for thinking they were high-res photographs. Joseph coins his practice as “Neo ceramics” and wants to push the traditional medium to the next level by experimenting with liquid, growing, or living glazes. Joseph’s work explores speculative threads, including the natural elements, imagining what the future will look like, and what’s left of us. His work is also process-based and experimental and therefore free from concept.