Kristine Mandsberg

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Kristine Mandsberg works as an artist on visual, sensory and spatial experiences, creating installations, decorations, objects and surfaces.

Mandsberg’s works often take on a playful expression. The artist uses a clear, graphic design language, which she combines with a strong colour palette. It is important to her that the viewer feels invited to approach her works, to touch them and to interact with them.

Sensory experience is at the centre of her work, which is why she creates objects, surfaces and spaces that have a great inherent sensory quality. This dynamism of interaction is often the defining element that completes her projects, with modularity and changeable components featured throughout her body of work. Whilst colourful and loud in visual expression, her complex forms are often aesthetically simple in execution – intuitive forms that further promote interaction and a sense of openness. Rather than focusing on any one material or medium, the work of textile designer and artist Kristine Mandsberg tackles each project through an explorative and experimental approach to form and materiality.

She wants people to get an insight into what sensuousness can be, how to experience through one’s hands and body, and experience how we use our body both consciously and unconsciously when we experience our surroundings. Her work often has a playful and changeable element to it, as Mandsberg wants her work to be perceived inclusive and accessible, to evoke curiosity and to make viewers engaged in the experience.