Laurin Schaub

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Laurin Schaub is a ceramic artist from Bern, Switzerland, who creates everyday objects such as vases, bowls and plates from porcelain.

Schaub is particularly interested in researching table habits, examining historical placemats and tracing symbolism and narratives. He creates everyday objects for the table. These differ in surface design, some are sanded, others glazed, for which different pigments and glazes are used. The surfaces are reminiscent of building materials such as artificial stone, marble and asphalt. In their form, however, Schaub’s vessels always remain classic.

He is often inspired by non-ceramic sectors. On the one hand he uses digital tools and new technologies to develop new techniques and design languages, on the other hand he is committed to classic pottery and craftsmanship. This leads to products and objects with a wide range of functions and complexities. His work often is presented as a group and the relationships between the pieces are as important as the pieces themselves.

Schaub also teaches at the School of Design in Bern. In 2016, his work received a nomination for the Swiss Design Award.