Marie Eklund

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Marie Eklund is an artisanal woodworker based in Sweden. She creates unique handmade objects that embody a pure expression of the art of carving.

Best known for her intricately crafted spoons, Eklund works with minimal tools, using nothing but her axe and carving knife to create impossibly refined surfaces. She works intuitively, drawing something distinctive out of each piece. Further she seeks to create objects that are deeply connected to their state of origin, and mobilizes natural processes and materials to create patinas that evoke the rich colors of the earth. In this way she achieves a rare originality of form that evidences the singularity of her vision and the virtuosity of her craftsmanship.

Eklund spends half of her time in Stockholm and the other half in Tångeråsa, close to Örebro. Tångerås is a small village with quaint Swedish houses, no doubt where much of her inspiration comes from when she makes her pieces of woodwork. Although now branching out in to other areas of craft, Eklund has devoted most of her time to the exploration of spoon making as a craft and what playful shapes can be crafted from such a material. In some of her spoons nature can be seen, mimicking leaves or the bendy stem of a vine. Others are more blocky, what one might imagine was the primitive origins of a spoon