Marie Schumann

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Marie Schumann is an artist who lives and works in Zurich. In 2020 she was nominated for the Swiss Design Awards. In her works Schumann deals with production processes and and looks for unexpected and poetic moments that ask questions, show the old and bring forth the new. 

Marie Schumann’s main interest lies in exploring how textile objects can architecturally transform spaces. Where glass, metal, concrete and other smooth surfaces define our living spaces, Schumann’s softspaces bring a welcome interruption. Thanks to the sensitive approach of the textile designer, who completed her bachelor’s degree in Hamburg and master’s degree in Lucerne, spaces take on a new conciseness. The designer carefully accompanies the drawing’s becoming an object – from the computer drawing to the noisy hall where the mechanized looms rattle. The unique fabrics hung on fine structures dissolve the rigor of geometric perspectives into curves and folds. When light shines through the surfaces, the space takes on its own organic dimension.

Her approach to design is a very intuitive one. Dealing with materials plays an important role here, as she works with tactile things and wants to reach the viewer sensually. After making drawings of her ideas, she tests them in the material and is always surprised by new results. Schumann is inspired by colors, shapes and structures. She finds these in everyday life, architecture or random experiences. With experimental material and machine play, she creates textile space projects that play with the limits of what is possible.