Maxime Louis-Courcier

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Maxime Louis-Courcier is a Paris-based designer, fascinated by objects, their multiple functions, and their mechanics. Maxime’s constant curiosity about everything and especially about how objects worked, led him early on to clearly understand the path that he wanted to follow. To create objects.

Graduated from ENSCI Les Ateliers in 2018 and awarded a Red Dot Best of the Best and the Special Mention at Villa Noailles Design Parade in 2019 with his diploma “Matières Spécifiques”, he created it as his design manifesto: He questions planned obsolescence, the excess of technology and overconsumption, while trying to provide new answers to current ecological challenges.

In order to reinvent everyday objects, the designer uses semi-finished products, glass, and aluminum plates, as well as artisanal assembly techniques. With these radical but complex assemblies, the artist questions the search for a new aesthetic language. The plates overlap and combine to create colorful transparency effects, reflecting light depending on its orientation. The use of the materials as they are gives it its minimalist appearance, without being simple. It thus invites the viewer to rethink their relationship with objects and how they are made.