Naama Haneman

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Naama Haneman is a London-based silversmith, member of Contemporary British Silversmithing. She is MA graduated with distinction from The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture & Design (CASS) in London and graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

As an artist-metalsmith she believes creating in metal is equal to creating in clay. For her metal is not seen as a tough material but as a flexible, soft material that listens to the hands. By using a few basic tools and the heat from a flame the metal is controlled and bend to the artist’s wishes.

Haneman sculpts in response to the natural flow of her emotions, controlling the forms through the beat and flow of her hammer, which enables her to devote completely to the vessels. In the creative process she focuses on the movement of an object’s shape and is most interested in the meeting points and contradictions between the object’s different shapes and compositions.

The process begins without a preordained concept and without intending the work to be functionally useful. Her works embody a constant dialogue between the external and the internal, between the seen and unseen; sometimes the external overcomes the internal, and sometimes the opposite, but both are always present. The vessels can be used as containers, they do not have a defined use and do not require any supporting tools in order to exist. Naama has been exhibiting in contemporary art silversmithing and jewellery exhibitions over the world.