Pettersen & Hein

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Pettersen & Hein is a design practice founded in 2015 by the Norwegian artist Magnus Pettersen and the Danish furniture designer Lea Hein. The different background and the aim to collaborate are allowing the duo to investigate new practices and experiment, with beautiful results.

The beauty of their works is a design without the typical restrictions and boundaries of form and function that the field adopts. Pettersen & Hein’s collections are a homage to material, color, and form, the objects are the outcome of an aesthetic investigation that is free from rules and functions, allowing them to create new sculptural shapes. A powerful design that is questioning the idea of product and art.

Known for their less-than-functional pieces, Danish duo Lea Hein and Magnus Pettersen create sculptural forms that marry those two symbiotic bedfellows: art and design. Their latest models are no different; taking up residence at contemporary gallery Etage Projects in Copenhagen, the organic concrete, steel and iron pieces create a home that plays with notions of what we call furniture.

‘We shape our furniture, and afterwards the furniture shapes us,’ says the duo. It is with this aesthetic that they began their project. Using concrete as a starting material, they laid down a flooring of multicoloured tiles, covering this in an array of abstract forms.

While their functional purposes are not significant, the way the pieces sit in harmony is undeniable. The rough-cut concrete vases and conceptual side tables are striking on the gridded floors, while the mirrored effect of the polished steel chairs make you notice everything twice. The floor becomes alive and the surrounding furniture becomes like people in your home.