Silke Spitzer

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Silke Spitzer studied traditional jewelry making at the University of Applied Arts and Design in Pforzheim, Germany. She received a DAAD Scholarship from the Rhode Island School of Design, and in 2002, graduated with a MFA in Jewelry Design.

Since then, she has worked as an independent artist in Berlin, where she teaches at Coop Gold, a small jewelry school she co-founded in 2011. The school offers instruction to the local community in traditional yet challenging and innovative techniques of jewelry making. Non-precious metal jewelry made from material that is available to everybody, mainly found in her own neighborhood is her main focus.

Spitzer is fascinated by the thought of creating a kind of unsullied armor. A mane of grace, possessing power rather than symbolizing aggression. Shields both tribal and contemporary – both sheltering and protecting. Talismans filled with sympathy and good to protect from the evil eye. Like powerful animals that embrace the wild but remain pure. A delicate dance between peace and harm. Her work has been showcased in many international exhibitions in Europe, North America and Asia and received several awards.