Studio Melli

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Studio Melli is an independent graphic design studio founded by Omid Nemalhabib and Mahsa Gholinezhad, currently based in Tehran and Rotterdam with a bold focus on multilingual typography and visual identity design.

To gain a particular design language Studio Melli expresses itself by dint of exploring nature, visual culture, art, literature, philosophy, and the aesthetics of everyday life and social behaviours. By following a contemporary approach they believe in creating fresh and innovative, unconventional, meaningful, experimental and lasting visual concepts. They are passionate about strong typography-driven work which is the main focus of their projects, however they use multiple disciplines to get the result. Studio Melli believes in design that makes people move, makes them feel, makes them happy or sad and forces them to do something. They aim to find connections between logical things and the deep feeling around us.

Their work encompasses visual identity design for art-cultural institutions and publishers, spatial design for exhibitions, events, and brands as well as designing printed matter, posters, books, magazines, also web design and digital experiences for local and international clients across different platforms. In Farsi Language “melli” means “national” or something related to or maintained by a nation, something belonging to the nation, and that’s the philosophy behind the work of Studio Melli.