Thijmen Van Der Steen

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Shortly after graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2012, Thijmen moved to Amsterdam to open his own design studio.

In his work, he aims to make objects that are timeless and understandable in shape and in use. Thijmen likes to strip down form and material, so that only the necessary elements remain. He finds simple and minimalistic objects most beautiful and powerful. A considerable part of the objects are made by hand. He puts great effort in doing profound research, and in making sketches, drawings and samples, as he considers this essential to provide products of good quality.

His material resembles building blocks where the components are stacked to create a striking form. Together, simple cuts of wood form furniture pieces with a strong shape and a grounded sensibility. At the same time, the designer’s use of playful colours such as baby pink and light blue accentuate the use of void space. Transparency and weight are important elements in his work as well. His Floating Light for example is a lightweighted and understandable object. All parts are visible and ‘floating’ like an exploded view of a drawing.