Yoann Piccardi

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During a path passing through the applied arts, the fine arts and then textile design, this artisanal sector of reuse was developed by and for an utopian goal. This process transforms molded cellulose honeycomb trays (initially serving to transport eggs). This raw material is 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable and is also an interesting “semi-finished” object for its shock-absorbing structure.

Induced by the transformed object, a succession of artisanal steps : collecting – perforation – cutting – dyeing – assembling, permit to obtain bricks/beads ready to use and reuse. To eventually recycle/repair Eggwave creations, quick disassembly of parts is possible thanks to an assembly based on ropes tensioned with clamping rings.

In the hope to raise everyone’s awareness and questioning our production-consumption modes, I produce series of works, furniture, creative workshops, all-out experiments which refine an aesthetic expression, through applications which could have sensitive, social and ecological impact. Knowing well that we are not going to save the world, the utopia would be to inspire positive resilience.