Zaratea Gården Hurtig

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Zaratea Gården Hurtig, originally from Norway, studied at the Royal Danish School of Design at the island of Bornholm and has a MA in Ceramics & Glass from the Royal College of Art.

In the resistance of clay as a material to be shaped, dried or colored the way Hurtig wishes, she also finds the appeal: The work with clay is tactical, material based and explorative. The work she does refers to and reflects about our everyday, life and the things its filled up with, be it flowers, animals, textures or stories.

She aims to find some peace in a chaotic world and create order in the disorder, creating systems and categories that can be remembered. Zaratea Gården Hurtig is looking for what happens when the categories and images you associate with things and concepts no longer fit? Suddenly you have to struggle to decode and understand something, which is occasionally refreshing.