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The Gentle Traveller

 One can imagine the Gentle Traveller as a romantic wanderer: he sees the aesthetic transformation of the world and fails miserably in his attempt to come to terms with tourism and its social and ecological consequences.

 The Gentle Traveller takes other paths as he sets off on his expeditions. He roams through the thicket of cities and landscapes, fumbling his way, if you will, into the present.

 The Gentle Traveller is a cosmopolitan. He does not travel alone but as a citizen of a world. He follows the idea of recognising the equal value of every human being; and also that ignorance, spatial distance, dullness and artificial environments separate. Travelling, it is said, brings people together – the only question is how.

The Gentle Traveller questions the current organising principle of tourism that empties villages and turns them into seasonally inhabited destinations. He clarifies connections and dependencies for himself. He seeks out places of substantial creativity and beauty. The Gentle Traveller has uninstalled Instagram.

 The Gentle Traveller is a blog for the art of reflective travel. The blog links places, ecosystems and people with a special focus on regional producers and local initiatives.